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ZEUS Collab., eg et al., Measure- ment of the diffractive cross section at Q2 HERA, AbstractXXXth International Conference on High Energy Physics, Osaka, Collab., et al., Diffractive JetProduction in Deep-Inelastic a+p Collisions at HERA, XXXth International Conference on High Energy Physics Nuclear Physics B (Proc.

Suppl.) 12 () North-Holland DIFFRACTIVE PHYSICS AT HERA Michele ARNEODO and Cristiana PERONI Universita' di Torino and INFN1 Torino, Italy Presented by Cristiana Peroni The possibility of studyin8 diffractive physics at Introduction Q2 _ _q2 ~_ 2EeEe,(1 + cos 0) (2) Since the start of operation of the high energy ep collider HERA at DESY (Hamburg, FRG) in both experiments, H1 and ZEUS, obtained many new and interesting results, both in deep inelastic scattering and in :// Low x Physics At HERA.

August virtual-photon proton scattering and certain diffractive processes as the transverse size of the probe decreases. of the low- and high-Q2 samples used in   Abstract: Diffractive dissociation of virtual photons, gamma* p-->Xp, has been studied in ep interactions with the ZEUS detector at HERA using an integrated luminosity of approx.

10 High Q2 diffractive physics at HERA. book The data cover photon virtualities Recent precision measurements of diffractive neutral current deep inelastic ep scattering are performed by the H1 and ZEUS Collaborations at the HERA collider in a wide range of photon virtuality Q2.

The first measurements of the large rapidity gap cross sections in charged current processes at high Q2 are also presented. The results are compared with model predictions based on parton density K/abstract.

Diffraction at High and Low Q 2 at Hera: Authors: Thompson, P. Affiliation: AA(School High Q2 diffractive physics at HERA. book Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK) Publication: PHOTON Proceedings of the International Conference on the Structure and Interactions of the Photon Including the 14th International Workshop on Photon-Photon ELSEVIER Inclusive Diffraction at HERA F.-P.

Schilling` (on behalf of the Hi anca ZEES collaborations) DESY, Notkestr. 85, D Hamburg, Germany Proceedings of ICHEPpp. Benwelsen, P. de Jung, J Koch and E. Laenen (Editors) Ali a 3i'INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS AMSTERDAM - Now precision measurements of inclusive diffractive deep Relative fraction of momentum carried by diffractive gluons and diffractive quarks as a function of Q2, as derived from the H1 solution of the DGLAP evolution equations [17].

scription of diffraction through diffractive parton distributions is commonly called the resolved IP approach. 84 H. Abramowicz/Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl.) 99 (   Accurate measurements at high Q2 have been di?cult at HERA owing to statistical limitations. The H1 48,49 and ZEUS 50 collaborations have 12 published measurements based on samples of a few thousand  › 百度文库 › 语言/资格考试.

Abstract: Deep inelastic scattering and its diffractive component, ep -> e'gamma*p ->e'XN, have been studied at HERA with the ZEUS detector using an integrated luminosity of pb The measurement covers a wide range in the gamma*p c.m. energy W (37 - GeV), photon virtuality Q2 ( - 80 GeV2) and mass Mx.

The diffractive cross section for Mx > 2 GeV rises strongly with W; the   Recent Results from Investigations of Di ractive Vector Meson Production with the ZEUS Detector at HERA Physikalisches Institut, Universitat Bonn, Nu al Bonn, Germany J.A.

Crittenden on behalf of the ZEUS collaboration We present  › 百度文库 › 互联网. Abstract: The diffractive process ep \rightarrow eXY, where Y denotes a proton or its low mass excitation with MY HERA. The analysis is restricted to the phase space region of the photon virtuality 3 \leq Q2 \leq GeV2, the square of the four-momentum transfer at the proton vertex |t| New Trends in HERA Physics Proceedings of the Ringberg Workshop Held at Tegernsee, Germany, 30 May – 4 June Elastic and Diffractive ep Scattering.

Light Vector Meson Production at HERA. Alexander Proskuryakov. New Physics at HERA. Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model at HERA. Masahiro :// CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): The H1 and Zeus collaborations have measured the inclusive diffractive DIS cross section ep→eXp and these measurements are in good agreement within a normalisation uncertainty.

Diffractive parton density functions (DPDFs) have been extracted from NLO QCD fits to inclusive measurements of diffractive ?doi= Energy dependence of diffractive production at HERA Article in Nuclear Physics A () January with 23 Reads How we measure 'reads' Diffractive processes at HERA accelerator ρ electroproduction at high Q2 and, in particular, predicts a satisfactory Q2 behavior of σL/σT.

in the Chicago Lectures in Physics series. The /_Diffractive_processes_at_HERA_accelerator. Inclusive Diffraction at HERA Article in Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements s –– March DOI: /ysbps   Measurement of D+- diffractive cross sections in photoproduction at HERA_专业资料 60人阅读|1次下载 Measurement of D+- diffractive cross sections in photoproduction at HERA_专业资料。Measurement of D+- diffractive cross sections in Inclusive Diffraction at HERA.

Measurements are presented of differential dijet cross sections in diffractive photoproduction (Q2Q2 The result is further interpreted studying the dependence of the ratio between the diffractive to the inclusive cross section on the photon-proton center of mass energy. Recent data on the Q2 dependence of the diffractive cross section at Q2 Q2 region to the   SUMMARY OF THE DIFFRACTIVE WORKING GROUP AT DIS98 arXiv:hep-ph/v1 25 Jun A.

Goussiou Department of Physics and Astronomy State University of New York at Stony Brook Stony Brook, New YorkU.S.A. E-mail  › 百度文库 › 行业资料.

Publications by Robin Devenish. Measurement of high-Q2 deep inelastic scattering cross sections with a longitudinally polarised positron beam at HERA. Physics Letters B () RC Devenish, A Tapper, A Gabareen, K Nagano The proceedings of this workshop gather the latest experimental results from HERA and capture new trends in HERA phenomenology.

Although the presentations are by experts, they are suitable for both theoreticians and experimentalists. H1 members also cover ZEUS results and vice ://   Deep inelastic inclusive and diffractive scattering at $Q^2$ values from 25 to GeV$^2$_专业资料 61人阅读|4次下载 Deep inelastic inclusive and   Inclusive Jet Production in DeepInelastic Scattering at High Q2 at HERA S.

Maxfi,eld Fast pQCDCalculations for PDFFits T. Kluge, K. Rabbertz and M. Wobisch FastJet: Dispelling the N3 Mythfor the kT Jet-Finder M. Cacciari Numerical Evaluation ofLoopIntegrals A. Daleo Recent Progress in NLOMonteCarlos S. Frixione MadGraph The diffractive dissociation of virtual photons, gamma*p -> Xp, has been studied in ep interactions at HERA with the H1 and ZEUS detectors.

The data are presented in terms of the diffractive structure function F2D and of the diffractive cross sections dsigma/dt and dsigma/dMX. The t-dependence of the cross section is ://   Results on diffractive physics from HERA Karin Daum (H1): Heavy-flavour production in electron-proton collisions Gerd Buschhorn (H1): Jet Benjamin Portheault (H1): Structure functions at high Q2 Dorian Kcira (ZEUS): Structure functions at low Q2 Vladimir Chekelian (H1): Alpha_s and CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): We calculate the cross section for the production of two jets with large transverse momenta k2 in DIS diffractive dissociation for both transverse and longitudinally polarized photons.

The scale which defines the hardness of the Pomeron is found to be k2 Q2 +M 2 M2. We present analytic expressions and discuss ?doi=   High Q 2 Exclusive Vector Meson Production at HERA.

Diffractive Hard Interactions in Electron Proton Collisions. Diffractive Cross Sections and Final States at Large Scales. Diffractive Production of ρ() in Muon-Proton Interactions at GeV.

QCD Dipole Prediction for DIS and Diffractive Structure Functions. Pa Structure Functions and Recent precision measurements of diffractive neutral current deep inelastic ep scattering are performed by the H1 and ZEUS Collaborations at the HERA collider in a wide range of photon virtuality Q2.

The first measurements of the large rapidity gap cross sections in charged current processes at high Q2   Factorisation and factorisation breaking in diffractive scattering at HERA Leszek Zawiejski (ZEUS): Soft physics at HERA Benoit Delcourt (H1): Multiplicity structure of inclusive and diffractive Nelly Gogitidze (H1): Physics at high Q2 with polarized lepton beam at   Diffractive events are studied by means of identification of one or more rapidity gaps and/or a leading antiproton.

Here, results are discussed within the Tevatron data and compared to those obtained at the HERA ep collider. The traditional "pomeron" is described within the framework of QCD and the issues discussed include pomeron structure Abstract.

Diffractive phenomena observed at HERA are starting to give us a new perspective on the deep inelastic scattering.

In this talk the properties of diffractive events observed by the Hi and ZEUS experiments are ://   The Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics Krakow, July, Measurement of the longitudinal structure function F_L at high Q2 at HERA: Preliminary result ELAN/H1prelim ; Measurement of Diffractive Scattering of Photons with Large Momentum: 34 th International Conference on High Energy Physics, Philadelphia, Inclusive Diffraction at HERA.

By Paul Laycock that the NC diffractive DIS process ep → eXp at HERA factorises; a useful additional assumption is often made whereby the proton vertex dynamics factorise from the vertex of the hard scatter- proton vertex High statistics measurements covering the data taking periods and are combined with previously published results in order to provide a single set of diffractive cross sections from the H1 experiment using the large rapidity gap selection :// Hadron colliders probe physics at new energy frontiers and search for new particles and forces.

In addition, hadron colliders now provide also an environment for precision physics. The present volume collects the results from recently completed runs at major colliders as well as new ideas about collider physics and :// Abstract.

Diffractive processes in photon-proton interactions at HERA offer the opportunity to improve the understanding of the transition between the soft, non-perturbative regime in hadronic interactions at Q 2 = 0 and the perturbative region at high Q experimental results from HERA on exclusive vector meson production and the properties of the hadronic final state in diffraction   We use perturbative QCD to calculate the cross sections σLT for the diffractive production of open charm (cc) from longitudinally and transversely polarised photons (of virtuality Q2) incident at high energy (√S) on a proton target.

We study both the Q 2 and M 2 dependence of the cross sections, where M is the invariant mass of the cc pair.

Surprisingly, the result for σT, as well as for. Electroweak Physics at HERA (J Meyer) Resummed Perturbative Evolution at High Energy (R Ball) Measurements of α s and Parton Distribution Functions Using HERA Jet Data (A Cooper-Sakar) A New Parton Shower Algorithm: Shower Evolution, Matching at CLOSEOUT REPORT " This is the closeout report for D.O.E.

supported research in high energy physics for the periodunder grant number DE-FGER at ://metadc/m2/1/high_res_d/pdf. 18/04/ Frank-Peter Schilling - DIS - Summary Session B 3 Diffraction at HERA zInclusive Diffraction zDiffractive Structure Function at low, medium and high Q2 (Kapishin, H1 and Ruspa, ZEUS) zObservation of Diffractive Charged Current Events (Klimek, ZEUS) zLeading Baryons: Pion Trajectory and DIS with leading protons (Sacchi, ZEUS)

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